Storage systems - buses

Higher passenger transport capacities through the X-STORE lightweight design type 4 storage systems

Natural gas powered buses have their high-pressure storage either mounted on the roof, or under the passenger cabin connected to the chassis frame. For safety reasons, or if in the passenger cabin doesn't offer enough space for the high-pressure vessels, the roof mounting should be preferred. Only lightweight design high-pressure vessels are an option for the roof mounting, due to weight and stability reasons. 

X-STORE CNG Typ 4 Container
X-STORE CNG Typ 4 Container for storage-systems
Container Production xperion Energy & Environment

For the roof mounting, Hexagon xperion offers complete bus racks which include the X-STORE high-pressure vessels, metal frames, attachment and support fixtures, the tubing as well as the connection components.
Our product range includes standard rack sizes and customer-specific designs.

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