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CargoLifter´s AirKules

XPERION Energy & Environment delivers hydrogen storage for CargoLifter`s AirKules

On January 8th, 2016, XPERION Energy & Environment announced the delivery of three X-STORE transport bundles for CargoLifter. These units will store and transport hydrogen or helium for their AirKules® rescue system and AirHook® balloon crane system. Furthermore, the mobile helium recycling system “Genius“ combines X-STORE with powerful compressors in order to recover the valuable helium, a service also available for third parties. Due to the low weight of the Type 4 cylinders, the X-STORE bundles can be easily transported to remote areas.

“We are very proud to combine our extreme lightweight X-STORE bundles with this unique balloon crane concept”, said Mr. Rap, International Sales Manager at XPERION. He continues: “Together with the company Wystrach GmbH, who designed and built the very robust, but low weight frame including the piping, we developed an optimized and compact product that carries enough hydrogen or helium for a complete filling of AirKules® or AirHook®.”

Dr. von Gablenz, CEO of CargoLifter, adds: “For our various lighter-than-air systems we were looking for a compact and very low weight transport solution. The customized X-STORE bundles enable us to easily transport our complete systems - including balloon, winches, and equipment- as well as the complete hydrogen/helium storage on a regular vehicle trailer. Towed by a van or 4WD-vehicle, e.g. AirKules® can be deployed in remote areas worldwide.”

The 700 litre X-STORE bundles are designed for 30 MPa (300 bar) and approved according to ADR/TPED. The units can be equipped for crane or forklift handling and can also be certified for other gases like CNG or biomethane and/or other working pressure.

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