• Virtual Pipeline for CNG/LNG

Virtual Pipeline for CNG/LNG

XPERION ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT delivers virtual pipeline for CNG/LNG

On February 10th, 2016, XPERION ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT announced the delivery of four 20ft X-STORE transport containers for CNG to the Belgium market. These containers with lightweight full composite cylinders will transport gasified LNG from the Kallo LNG terminal located inside the Antwerp harbour to the daughter station in Hoboken.

“With those full composite transport containers, we offer a high capacity transport solution for mother-daughter stations. Next to the transport of natural gas or biomethane, this kind of extension of the LNG infrastructure is very interesting for the future”, said Mr. Rap, International Sales Manager at XPERION. He continues: “The X-STORE containers that have full ADR approval are available in different sizes, with a net capacity of approximately 10 tons of gas to suit the transport requirements of this project.”

Mr. Philippe Desrumaux, CEO of Drive Systems, adds: “The X-STORE transport units give us the opportunity to distribute the LNG from our Kallo LNG station to different locations in a very efficient way. Very interesting now is that the number of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) is rapidly growing in Belgium. In Kallo, we have already been able to fill trucks and harbour vehicles with LNG. Now we can also fuel CNG vehicles at our daughter stations. In this way, we are able to demonstrate the mobile pipeline concept so that the European Union co-financed this project as part of the ´Connecting Europe Facility´ program.”

More than 300 X-STORE units are in operation worldwide as virtual pipelines, mobile refuelling units as well as mobile storages for CNG, biomethane, hydrogen and other compressed gases. With those units for Belgium, XPERION expands its appearance on the European market. The concept of transporting gasified LNG as CNG can be used in other markets as well with the X-STORE transport containers.


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