Transport modules for hydrogen (H2)

X-STORE hydrogen transport systems with a high efficiency and flexibility

X-STORE transport modules with type 4 composite lightweight design vessels are among the most efficient gas-transport systems available worldwide. They are being successfully used for the transport of hydrogen. Currently, there are modules with 250, 300 and 500 bar in use. The modules are available in a container-type design, and also in the form of a battery-vehicle in sizes from 10 ft to 45 ft.

X-STORE Wasserstoff Container Produktion
Wasserstofftransport X-STORE

The lightweight design high-pressure vessels are arranged vertically and optimally utilize the container space. The extremely light and at the same time rugged design of modules in combination with the optimal use of space, provides the world's largest transport volumes. This in turn reduces the operational costs of our customers.

The modules are manufactured in a container-type construction, and thus comply with international safety standards for maritime containers. They are mounted on a conventional ISO-standard chassis, which offers significant advantages when service and maintenance work is required on the module or the chassis.

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