Storage systems - ground storage

Ground storage solutions for hydrogen applications

Since the introduction of fuel cell vehicles is driving the demand for hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), we have been expanding our portfolio by offering innovative ground storage solutions for hydrogen. The fatigue-resistant cycling properties of our composite pressure cylinders make them more suitable for storing hydrogen than metal alternatives.

We offer flexible and customized ground storage solutions suitable for floor, wall and roof installation. Our tanks are either mounted in a container behind the HRS, or on the roof. Alternatively, our X-STORE® container solution may also be used as an option for ground storage.

Ground Storage - Hydrogen
Ground Storage - Hydrogen
Ground Storage - Hydrogen


  • High cycle performance and fatigue-resistance
  • Flexible installation (floor, wall, roof)
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • No corrosion
  • No strong foundation required
  • Compact solution by offering complete storage systems
  • Extendable and modular for future upgrades of the station

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