CNG pressure vessels

Type 4 High-pressure vessels for compressed natural gas (CNG)

Compared to liquid fuels, natural gas is a cheap and eco-friendly alternative. New sources and extraction methods have increased the global supply, and are facilitating the widespread use. The end consumer can significantly reduce his fuel and energy costs with natural gas, and reduce the environmental impact at the same time. 

To enable the store and transport large amounts of natural gas, it is compressed into high-pressure vessels at pressures which typically range between 200 and 250 bar. For this type of application, Hexagon Purus offers a wide range of different sizes and storage volumes.

X-STORE Production

The main application areas for the X-STORE CNG high-pressure vessels

The global market for natural gas powered automobiles is growing steadily.

Many motor vehicle owners have recognized the economic and environmental advantages of natural gas, and have therefore opted to either directly purchase a natural gas powered vehicle from the manufacturer, or to have their vehicle retrofitted with this technology. Hexagon Purus is a series-production supplier for the automotive industry, and thus supplies X-STORE high-pressure vessels in accordance with the highest quality standards.

The logistics industry throughout the world is subjected to heavy price pressures. At the same time, the requirements for a reduction of harmful emissions is also ever-increasing. Therefore, natural gas is increasingly even becoming an alternative fuel source for commercial vehicles. Either purely natural gas powered engines, or dual-fuel engines in which natural gas is mixed with diesel fuel are used here.

For the storage of compressed natural gas (CNG), our customers can select the proper X-STORE high-pressure vessels from our comprehensive product range.

Transport of compressed natural gas (CNG)
Not all end consumers who would like to utilize the advantages of natural gas are connected to a pipeline. This is the application scenario for our X-STORE CNG transport modules. Through their extreme lightweight design and the optimal use of space, they offer the highest possible transport volumes worldwide. They are available in the standard sizes from 10 ft to 48 ft, and are able to offer a suitable solution for every consumer.

Our customers can optionally select between a standard or a customer-specific configuration. With the latter, the modules can be adapted to the local conditions and customer requirements.


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